Project organisation

Blow an overview of the people working for the QROC project and their role. The pictures of the team members will be published after they agreed on this. For the explanation of the term WP see the Methodology page.

Our team


Patrick Padding (DITSS)

Project Coordinator

Jacques van Wersch. Project Manager QROC - DITSS

Jacques van Wersch (DITSS)

Project Manager

Jolanda Kwakernaat

Jolanda Kwakernaat

Project Secretary

George Kioumourtzis - QROC DITSS

Georgios Kioumourtzis (DITSS)

WP2 Leader

Ron van Vemde - QROC DITSS

Ron van Vemde (NPN)

WP3 Leader

Ben Govers QROC DITSS project

Ben Govers (TNO)

WP4 Leader

Floor Lams - QROC DITSS


WP5 Leader

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