Feel free to view or download the newsletters of the QROC project as shown below.
In case you have any questions please contact us.

Content of Newsletter, January 2022.

  • User community E-Meeting;
  • Deliverable Conclusions.

Content of Newsletter, April 2021.

  • Project Extension;
  • User community E-Meeting;
  • Publication ‘Capability Self Assessment (CSA) Tool’ Whitepaper;
  • Deliverable Conclusions.

Content of Newsletter, November 2020.

  • Self-Assessment on Operational Centers.
    A quick overview of the results of D4.1 and D4.2;
  • E-Learning Platform;
  • Past events;
  • Upcoming events;
  • Upcoming deliverables.

Content of Newsletter, May 2020:

  • QROC Concept;
  • Project details;
  • QROC Objectives;
  • QROC Implementation Methodology;
  • Project Outputs;
  • Upcoming Events.
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