The project QROC consists of five Work Proces phases:

WP1 is dedicated to the project technical and financial coordination of the project. This horizontal activity and includes Quality Assurance and Risk Management.

In WP 2 the project intent to work not only on communicating and disseminating the project results but also to extend current work of ENLETS National Operational Centers Technical Interest Group (NOC/TIG) and to establish a Community of European Operational Centers spanning all EU-28 Member states. We also plan to present the project results to the Policy group, mentioned in the Action Plan, the Law Enforcement Working Party (LEWP), the Standing Committee on Operational Cooperation on Internal Security (COSI) and the Chiefs of Police via the ENLETS representatives in the Operators Forum.

In WP3 we will realise an EU-wide data sharing capability for OCs. At first place the partners will initiate the discussion and agree on the mode of data sharing in case of a terrorist attack, compliant with the EU (Prum/ Swedish initiative) and National regulations taking into account the work done in the ENLETS NOC group. The second step will be to benchmark available technologies and applications, the usefulness and its added value, especially based on the added value compared with current communication channels in the EU (e.g. Sienna). Procurement, implementation, and testing will be done in close cooperation with EU-LISA.

In WP4 the needs of NOCs will be assessed in relation to the uncertainty (both opportunities and risk) generated by the emergence of new technologies. This includes the development and execution of both a capability self-assessment tool and a change management self-assessment tool on participating NOC’s. Starting point for this work is the preliminary identification of needs done in the ENLETS OC TIG. Based on the outcome of these assessments, LEA’s learn what the impact of new technologies could be, and how well equipped they are to adapt accordingly. This gained knowledge will be used to specify and demonstrate innovative use cases based on relevant technologies for OC’s (TRL6).

In WP5 we will design a variety of activities starting as a basis with the specification of three Scenarios (i) Man hunt, ii) CBRN-e, and iii) Public crowd management). After the definition of the three use cases, we will organize tabletop exercises in which selected applications and tools (TRL6) from WP4 will be tested via training sessions and workshops. This will be based on red and blue team, and on-line trainings followed by tabletop exercises and a red-blue team exercise for the manhunt scenario. The training will be recorded, and the videos will be made available via the e-learning portal of the EU agency CEPOL.

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